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Will Giving My Baby Formula Help Him Sleep Longer?

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Patting your baby to sleep using the shush pat method

BONUS MATERIAL: Download my FREE sleep chart HERE that has ALL my suggested wake windows, sleep totals, and nap totals for babies ages 0 until age 5! You’ll know if your little one is getting enough sleep, as well as what their sleep needs will be next...

How much sleep does your little one need?

Get all my suggested wake windows, nap totals, and night totals for babies ages 0-5!


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Before you get any further… Hi! I’m Eva Klein!

I’m an expert at getting babies and young children to sleep like champs so that your little one gets the sleep they need AND so that you can feel like a normal functioning human (even if you feel like you’ve tried everything).

A former Canadian lawyer, pediatric sleep expert, blogger, podcaster, wife, and mom of 3 rambunctious kids, my life’s mission is to give families the gift of sleep so that everyone thrives.  I’m glad you’re here.