Parents who live on a busy street with background noises and a lot of distraction usually have trouble putting their babies to sleep. Noise makes it hard for ANYONE to fall asleep!  This is something every parent can address with the use of a baby white noise machine. A mom on My Sleeping Baby Facebook Community Group asked for a white noise machine recommendation. I delved into what to look for in a white noise machine, as well as why white noise machines are SO FREAKING AWESOME for babies.

Why Baby White Noise Machines are Awesome

White noise is a fantastic sleep tool because it drowns out background noise and it creates a calming, soothing sleep environment for your baby.

The benefits of white noise cuts across different age for babies:

For newborn babies:

If you have a newborn, white noise or ambient noise is great because it mimics the sound of the womb.  This is inherently calming and soothing for your newborn.

For infants:

When your little one graduates the fourth trimester and move towards “infancy”, continue using a baby white noise machine to drown out background noise.  At this stage of your baby’s growth, his/her sleep is very delicate and he/she can easily get awoken by the sound of your neighbor’s lawnmower or the snowplow!

For toddlers:

You will be amazed at how beneficial a white noise machine can be for your toddler.  First of all, many toddlers are  still be sensitive to background noise, even at this stage.  On top of that, if your toddler has a wild imagination and feels scared around bedtime and nighttime, the ambient noise from a baby white noise machine can help relax him and limit any disruptions to his sleep.

For all of these reasons, having a baby white noise machine for your newborn, infant or toddler is always beneficial!

White Noise Machine Recommendations

It doesn’t matter which white noise machine you use, as long as it stays on until you want it turned off…likely when your baby wakes up!  See, there are lots of “wannabe” white noise machines out there that tend to stay on only for few minutes before shutting off.  Not only can these junky white noise machines jolt your baby awake, you also lose the whole soothing mechanism when the sound shuts off mid-sleep!

You also need to make sure that the white noise machine you buy has a volume control setting.  This way,  you’ll be able to adjust the volume depending on how much background noise you’re dealing with.

The Homedics white noise machine is a great machine for your baby as it will stay on till you shut it off.  It also has different volume settings you can choose from.

Any white noise machine is fine as long as it stays on until YOU shut it off.

Now, you want to make sure that your little one isn’t falling asleep to music.  While white noise creates that soothing ambient noise, music can actually stimulate brain wave activity.

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