Hi! My name is Eva Klein…

I’m a Baby and Child Sleep Consultant from Toronto.  I’m a wife, mom of 3, former lawyer, and chocolate lover. I help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers become awesome sleepers.

Let me share my story…

I gave birth to my first baby shortly after finishing my last year of law school. And this baby was a DREAM (no pun intended lol). She was happy all the time, ate like a champ, and slept like a champ. She made me feel like the best mom in the world.

And then I gave birth to her younger sister 2 years later…and EVERYTHING changed. Unlike her older sister, this baby was spirited, “high-needs”, and DID NOT SLEEP. I was so tired that getting through the day felt impossible. I barely recognized myself.

I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be, that my kids deserved.

So I knew something needed to change.

I opened up all the sleep books, got my sleep consulting certification, and helped over 3,000 families get their little ones sleeping like champs so that you AND your little one can get the sleep you need.

My sleep programs offer supportive, customized, and evidence-based solutions THAT WORK. Since 2014, I’ve been empowering parents on how to give their little ones the gift of sleep.

Don’t wait for your little one’s sleep problems to magically go away. Your little one CAN learn how to sleep like a champ!

What They Say

“Where would I be without Eva, and the Sleep Easy Method? My goodness! I would still be a struggling mamma with very little patience and a lot less sleep. Eva is extremely knowledgeable and undeniably helpful.  Her method is a God send. I am mad at myself for waiting until my baby was 14 months before finally hitting my wits end and becoming desperate enough to seek sleep help. Don’t be like me! Don’t wait until you’re desperate! The sooner the better!”


Mom to baby Eliana

“Before the Sleep Easy Method, my son was waking up 10-20 times a night! And it was taking me HOURS to get him to sleep. Eva helped us every step of the way! I would have been so anxious without an expert guiding me. She answered all my incessant questions and offered creative solutions to get my baby sleeping (no regressions!) when nothing else was working! Thank you Eva!”


Mom of Two

“Before discovering Eva’s Sleep Easy Method, I was rocking my son back to sleep 10 times a night! I finally got my baby sleeping 11 hours straight in less than a week!  I will be forever grateful!

HIGHLY recommended!”


Mom of Ethan