Any parent who’s done the slightest amount of research on infant and toddler sleep will know how important it is for their little one to fall asleep independently.  But what’s a parent to do or think when their little one IS falling asleep independently, but continues to wake up a million times a night?

An exhausted mother posted this question in the My Sleeping Baby Facebook Community. I answered it on Facebook live below!

Here’s the deal, in a nutshell.

Sleep training is NOT the be-all-and-end-all.  It DOES NOT address every single reason why your baby might be waking up at night.  In this specific situation, the scheduling needed tweaking as the baby was likely going to bed overtired.  See, overtiredness is your worst enemy because it can cause difficulty falling asleep, nightwakings and early rising.  This is no different with babies that are sleep trained!


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