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At My Sleeping Baby, I help you get your little one(s) sleeping so that you can feel rested and refreshed and enjoy parenthood to its fullest!

“So grateful to Eva for helping us get our daughter on a schedule that works so well for our family! Not only is she sleeping, but she is happy!”

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What Others Say

Eva has been such an incredible help to me and my family. My toddler hit a huge sleep regression, which was causing us a lot of stress. Eva was a great sounding board and with sound advice. Her strategies were very practical. I couldn’t recommend her more. She really understands the value of a well rested parent. Thank you Eva!
– Cori, Toronto, Ontario
We thought we knew what to do sleep wise with our 3rd baby, but we had a rude awakening – he was by far our hardest. Eva was there to help us through with different ideas and tips throughout our sleepless nights. With her private Facebook group, we were able to ask unlimited questions and get tailored advice to help our needs.
– Erin, Montreal, Quebec
Eva has been an incredible resource to our family for both of our children. She is patient, creative and really takes the time to get to know your situation. She has been such a great help through infant, baby and toddler sleep issues and we are better off having her routines implemented. Highly recommend!
– Ashleigh, New York, New York​

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