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Do any of the below statements sound familiar?

"My 5 month old wakes up five times a night to nurse."
"I spend over an hour rocking my son to sleep every night."
"My two year-old is up before 5am for the day!"
"My toddler still sleeps in my bed- and I want her in her crib!"
"My baby only naps for 30 minutes at a time."
"My 4 year-old fights bedtime every night and refuses to fall asleep unless I lay in his bed..."

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

As a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, I will:
  • Pinpoint the exact cause(s) of your child’s poor sleep habits
  • Provide you with a customized, detailed, step-by-step sleep plan for how to solve your child’s sleep problems
  • Support you through the implementation of your sleep plan through follow-up phone calls and emails.

Consultations can be done with clients from any location through phone or Skype, or can be done in the comfort of your home.

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What my clients are saying...

Eva is amazing! We worked with a previous sleep consultant for my then, 4-month old, who was sleeping with me in the bed at night (waking 6-8+ time a night) and on me for naps. I had no escape! After 2.5 months of working with this other sleep consultant and getting only about 25% of […]

- Kate, Charlotte, North Carolina

Eva was recommended to us by a close friend. My husband and I have a 3.9 year old little girl who had regressed with her sleeping habits and wasn’t able to go to bed without us by her side and to complicate matters even more, she was waking up every single night in the middle […]

- Melissa, Toronto, Ontario

We called Eva when our formerly fantastic sleeper seemed to hit a regression, but then never recovered. Our daughter had been sleeping through the night from a very early age, but her excellent sleeping patterns also gave way to some bad habits. After a few months of declining sleep and eventually hourly wakings, we reached […]

- Suzanne, Newmarket, Ontario
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